Single PRINTED issue – Fall issue 2017 – Special Marketing Issue


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Single Printed Issue – Fall 2017 – Special Marketing Issue.

Great News,

We negotiated a better price for printing so the new price for IDA magazine printed will

be $15.00 cover price plus $5.00 flat rate inside the US shipping. So the price includes shipping.

(All who preordered before 10/4/17 and payed the original $30 will be receiving a $10.00 rebate)


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We will not be shipping to international address after January 1 2018. We have enlisted Amazon to do our international shipping. they offer a much lower shipping rate and handle the customs forms. We will post the link where you can buy a printed copy from Amazon as soon as the product link is available. If you contact us with proof of purchase from Amazon we will give you a code for a discounted digital copy.

Will not ship until some time AFTER October 12th,2017

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As a magazine for artists by artists we want to put useful information in our issues as well as industry news and insights and to give you an insiders view at the newest releases from the best and brightest in the industry.

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