Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my dolls in the Issue?

We are always looking for new artists to show in our magazine. There is a list of subject oriented submission requests and deadlines on the submission requests page. HERE

I want to advertise with your magazine how do I go about that?

You can message us at anytime and we will have one of our publishers email you the information or you can read more about it  HERE

Can I get a printed copy of the magazine?

We have a printer who drop ships the magazine for us. More info and a link where you can buy a printed copy will be added soon. HERE

I purchased single issue and can not get my download, How do I access it?

When you registered you created an account with a password. You will use your email and your password to sign into the site, Then after signing in you will see on the left hand side of the menu is (Downloads) click on Downloads. You will see a box with the word “View”  click view, and you will find your downloads in red text in the middle of the screen.  The right link is to the original product listing you purchased, the link on the right is your download. Be sure to click on the RIGHT side not the left.

For those who bought printed copies your digital copy is linked on your receipt. When you finish you ebay purchase, click the line near the bottom of the page that says “Return or go back to International Doll Artists magazine and you will be able to download the magazine from there.

I purchased a Subscription and I can not find my receipt?

You can log in or try to log in and reset your password. If this does not work please email us at and we will help you to get your download.