Want to be published in Ida Magazine?

We are always looking for artists to submit their new artwork, patterns and tutorials to be published in our magazine.


International Doll Artists is only looking for fresh new artwork, patterns or tutorials that have not been previously published online or in another magazine.

Please submit 3-5 digital photos of samples of your artwork, patterns or tutorials in 300 DPI with a light background along with your name, business name, email and website via email to [email protected].

Include a brief write-up about yourself and your artwork, along with details about your art doll, patterns or tutorials.

International Doll Artists only accepts original artist work for submissions. Any costuming or other items created with or purchased through another artist (that are not the original artist’s) must be noted to ensure no copyright infringement has occurred.

All emails must be accompanied by a general release form which can be filled out and submitted to us via email.

You will be contacted once your artwork is selected for publication.


Have more questions? Send us a note. We love hearing from our readers.

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